Using resources economically and efficiently

Sustainably increasing value creation is the goal of our waste-to-value approach. Conserving resources means more than just using them economically and efficiently. In fact, residual materials can also be recycled in a way that increases their value. To do this in accordance with the on-site circumstances of our customers is a focus of GETEC's work and a special area of expertise. 

From the recycling of waste wood and landscaping materials, to the recovery of special gases that are harmful to the climate and including thermal utilization of waste materials from our customers' production processes. GETEC integrates the circular economy into the customer's energy solution. The customer saves on disposal, transport and CO2 costs.


We make the customer's location and production its greatest advantages. We do this through the direct use of production residues or the local sourcing of fuels from bio-residues. Check out our references to see for yourself what your options are.

With GETEC Green Steam, we use climate-neutral biofuels, for example from waste wood residues or landscape management material. Take a look at our reference for Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere to see the potential for yourself.

For our customer Haltermann Carless in Speyer, we developed an energy solution that recycles climate-damaging vent gas from production.

For the global player Clariant, we recycle the residual lignin produced during the production of bioethanol in a biomass CHP plant in Podari, Romania, and use it to generate all the energy required for the production site.

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