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At GETEC, satisfied clients are top priority. For us, the path to more sustainability and cost-effectiveness doesn't end with the implementation of an innovative and efficient energy solution. The operation and service of the energy solution should also be uncomplicated, fast and economical for our clients.

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Digitalization is the way to better operation and service for our clients. Our digital heart of our company is the Smart Control Center in Muttenz. The majority of our client systems are remotely monitored 24/7 via remote control. We receive status messages from the systems, temperature measurements, error messages, flow rates – but also weather and market data as well as consumption forecasts. Predictive maintenance detects problems in equipment before downtime occurs. In this way, the corresponding services can be commissioned immediately.

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However, if malfunctions do occur, our modern Field Service Management System (FSM) comes into play. Our service staff and technicians receive all necessary information on their mobile devices in a matter of seconds while beeing then in the right place at the right time with the right spare part and the appropriate tool.

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