The Evolution
of Impact

Sustainability is an evolutionary process. It starts with ourselves, in our company. But that is not enough for us. The core of our business is that we help others to operate and live more sustainably. We combine many individual parts - knowledge, innovation, techniques, processes - until they have a big impact as a whole. This is what we called THE EVOLUTION OF IMPACT in our first ESG report. Meanwhile, the world faces a changed situation. An unspeakable war in Europe and a related gas and commodity crisis make it clear that for leading energy companies like GETEC, it can no longer matter solely how sustainable energy is, but also where it is sourced. Here, as well, GETEC is taking governance responsibility, as our second report makes clear: NEXT LEVEL OF IMPACT. 



"GETEC is committed to the sustainable development of the energy industry, especially in our customer segments of industry and real estate. We are taking responsibility in the energy transition, focusing on intelligent and sustainable energy solutions – GETEC green solutions – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industry and real estate segments. In this way, we aim to combat climate change, improve people’s lives and create a future that offers a high quality of life. We aim to advance and foster diversity, inclusion and integration. We are committed to acting responsibly and transparently, thus fulfilling the trust placed in us by our customers, our employees and society in general. This means that we consider both the short-term and long-term impacts on the environment and on society in the decisions we make every day, at the same time focusing on the needs of the present and future generations."

The Evolution of Impact
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GETEC ESG Report 2022 EN
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GETEC ESG Report 2023
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