Heating, cooling, steam and power as well as primary energy sources

GETEC supplies its clients securely and cost-effectively with heating, cooling, steam and power. We possess excellent know-how and extensive experience with the energy procurement (gas, power and other fuels) in the liberalised energy market. We achieve fair prices with in part long-term price stability. Upon request, we enter into your existing supplier agreements and optimise them. The focus on reducing CO2 emissions associated with the generation of energy is growing steadily. This is where GETEC fits in as your partner, sharing its experiences and expertise from the greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme.


Trading with energy: From procurement to commercialisation

Forward-thinking institutions and businesses expect ultra-professional solutions when it comes to questions related to energy supply. The market offers a multitude of options for the procurement and provision of various fuels. We deliver specialised fuel supply solutions. On behalf of our customers, we act in concert with our energy sourcing specialists in all market segments and offer associated services. Our access to major gas and electricity markets facilitates an optimised energy purchase and an optimal neighbourhood supply. The fuel procurement can also be part of a comprehensive, tailor-made energy supply concept devised in the context of energy service contracting.

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