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Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers of specialty chemicals and hydrocarbon-based solvents. The product portfolio includes printing ink oils, high-purity hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon-based propellants as well as test and reference fuels.

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Modern and efficient energy supply concept for the chemical industry.

The Challenge

The plant's previous energy supply with thermal oil and steam no longer fulfilled today's requirements and efficiency criteria. To ensure the future security of supply, a new supply concept should be developed.

The Goal

The "respiratory gas" (vent gas) produced on site by the storage tanks was to be additionally recovered for energy and thus used efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner instead of being discarded in a thermal afterburner as was previously the case.

Our Solution

GETEC developed a highly efficient, future-proof and economical supply concept that provides the entire Speyer production site with thermal oil and steam. The GETEC engineers opted for two thermal oil boilers fired with natural gas and an indirect steam generator heated with thermal oil. What makes it so special: The vent gas generated during production is thermally utilized in the plant.


CO2 Savings
approx. 2.800 t/a
2 natural gas fired thermal oil boilers
1 indirect steam generator

Thermal oil with a flow temperature of 340°C
Saturated steam with a pressure of 23 bar (above atmospheric) and a temperature of approx. 222°C
Installed Capacity
Nominal heat output of the thermal oil boiler: 8,300 kWth each
Steam output of indirect steam generator: 13 t/h

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