PFLEIDERER, the specialty paper manufacturer from Teisnach (Bavarian Forest), is receiving a pioneering biomass-based steam supply system from GETEC. GETEC will plan, construct and operate the new plant. The project is listed as a case study in the BMWi "Energy Efficiency" funding competition.

the customized GETEC solution

GETEC Green Steam concept replaces brown coal plant for steam supply


For Pfleiderer Teisnach, energy efficiency and the responsible use of raw materials play an important role. Therefore, the company decided to replace the existing emission-intensive lignite-fired boiler with a new biomass-fired steam boiler despite high plant availability and a long remaining service life.


Development of a highly efficient steam supply system based on biomass that meets the requirements for a sustainable energy supply at the Teisnach site and at the same time contributes to the success of the energy transition. 


A site-wide steam network supplies all production facilities with process heat. The pulverized lignite-fired boiler previously used for steam generation can provide process steam quantities of up to 24 metric tons per hour (approx. 68 GWh per year). The energy value of lignite used for this amounts to 78 GWh per year. The boiler is operated on the premises of Pfleiderer Teisnach GmbH as part of our energy contracting.

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