GETEC saves more than 678,000 tons of CO2 per year

Magdeburg, September 27, 2023

Although the energy market was dominated by the energy crisis last year, GETEC again managed to make great strides in climate protection. Compared to 2021, the GETEC Group saved more than 36,000 additional tons of CO2 in emissions from its plants that it operated in 2022, for a total reduction of 678,000 tons of CO2. This was made possible by implementing more climate-friendly energy solutions compared to a standard fossil fuel solution. This is documented in the company´s recently published ESG Report 2023 (Environment, Social, Governance). 

Bild vergrößern: Energy Metrics from GETEC Group's ESG Report 2023
Energy Metrics from GETEC Group's ESG Report 2023

Other key figures in the report also confirm the progress GETEC has made in climate protection. CO2 intensity, for example, was reduced from around 204 g CO2 / kWh to around 191 grams. CO2 intensity is an efficiency indicator that shows how many grams of CO2 are emitted per kilowatt hour of energy produced. The lower the number, the better. The company is also making progress in phasing out coal. Today, 95 percent of its energy comes from sources other than coal.

“The conflict in Europe generated a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the energy market, resulting in a looming gas shortage and price distortions for all commodities. GETEC was nevertheless able to continue on its path of reducing CO2 for its customers through innovative technologies, fuel switching and more electrification. For the future path of the energy transition, GETEC will continue to focus on the right energy and technology mix. In line with the motto: economical, sustainable, technology-neutral”, says GETEC Group CEO Pierre-Alain Graf.

This is also reflected in a number of examples in the new ESG Report from all international GETEC platforms. These include the heat recovery project in Rozzano, Italy, the innovative CHP to supply the Ringstrasse housing estate in the Frankfurt suburb of Raunheim, the new biomass boiler in Emmen, the Netherlands and the carbon capture project in Switzerland.

GETEC also made progress in the areas of Social and Governance compared to the previous year. In 2022, the number of accidents was reduced. GETEC also met the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act one year ahead of schedule.

You can find the ESG Report here: 

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