Wahrendorff Clinic

The headquarters of the clinics are located about 20 km east of the state capital Hannover in Sehnde with the two locations Ilten and Köthenwald. The clinics offer outpatient, day-care and full inpatient care in acute psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. The overall clinic has 310 hospital beds and 253 day-care places. In the differentiated home areas, more than 1,060 residents find individual and professionally demanding care.



Supply of the medical centre with heat for space heating, ventilation, hot water as well as electricity, if necessary, produced with state-of-the art, efficient energy generation systems.


Development of a sustainable heat and energy supply concept for all areas of the medical centre


GETEC set up among other things two CHP units with an electrical output of 140 kW each in the Juliane Wahrendorff medical centre in Ilten as well as in the care home in Köthenwald.

The heat generated in the CHP units is used to supply the base load (heat); the generated electricity is fed into the medium voltage systems of the medical centres Ilten and Köthenwald. The refurbishment and expansion of the local heating network at the same time created combined heat supply systems, which make it possible to switch off heat generation units, thereby optimising the operational life of the CHP units. In the context of their refurbishment in 2015/2016, all heat generation systems were switched to energy-efficient condensing boiler technology.

Facts and Figures

32 heat generation systems with a total output of 7.4 MW as well as 2 CHP units.
Heat generation system: Heat for space heating, ventilation and hot water
CHP unit: Heat and electricity

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