GETEC supports the art association Zinnober again in 2023

Magdeburg, December 12, 2023

GETEC is once again supporting the art and creativity of people with disabilities. The support takes the form of a donation of 2,500 euros to the Zinnober art association, which has been promoting gifted and talented artists with intellectual disabilities since 1997. GETEC has been supporting the association for more than 25 years.

Bild vergrößern: Übergabe des Spendenschecks an Zinnober 23 Faßelt © Zinnober
Übergabe des Spendenschecks an Zinnober Vereinsleiter Wolfram Stäps (vordere Reihe, 5 durch GETEC Marketingleiter Christian Faßelt (vordere Reihe, 3

Nine artists and numerous volunteers currently work for the association. Together they are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the art scene through regular exhibitions. Christian Faßelt, Head of Marketing and Communications at the GETEC Group, handed over the donation check to the artists and the chairman of the association, Wolfram Stäps, at the association's Christmas party.

"It is a great pleasure for us to continue to support the great work of Zinnober. In this way, GETEC is making a small contribution to supporting and encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to discover their creativity. GETEC has also been exhibiting the great works of the artists at its Magdeburg location for years, and they are always a special 'eye-catcher'," explains Christian Faßelt.

"GETEC's kind support makes a significant contribution to the continuation of our projects and activities and provides a platform for the creativity of people who, due to their circumstances, are faced with particular challenges," says Wolfram Stäps, director of the association.

Zinnober runs a studio in Magdeburg, where artists can create oil and watercolor paintings, unique wooden sculptures and other individual works of art. Founded in 1997, Zinnober is a recognized non-profit organization that enables gifted and talented adults with a so-called mental disability to realize their art. The works belong to the genres of Outsider Art and Art Brut.

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