Interview with CEO Thomas Wagner:


Mr Wagner, why are climate protection and sector coupling such slow-moving processes? What are the obstacles in the transition toward renewable energies?

Climate protection is the protection of the future. The emission of greenhouse gases – and thus climate change – can only be successfully mitigated when we not only advance and implement sector coupling, but also understand it as an integrated part. The electrification of heat and traffic using energy from renewable sources is an essential step toward decarbonisation. But sector coupling must not be a one-way street and narrowed down to few technologies. The lack of base load capability of renewable energies and thus fluctuations in the availability represent one major challenge that is critical to the success, while dwindling capacities to secure the base load because of the shut-down of power stations and the sluggish additional construction of new power stations are other stumbling blocks.


What might the solution look like?

We need decentralised solutions such as high-efficiency combined heat and power generation plants accompanied by smart, digital solutions in order to ensure the security of supply and realise decarbonisation across the sectors.


What role can GETEC play in this regard?

Our energy specialists not only analyse the energy consumption of our customers, they also thoroughly study all energy-related processes before developing a customised, comprehensive and environmentally friendly concept. The focus is on an ultra-efficient generation and the lowest possible use of energy as well as on procedures required to reduce the energy consumption. Our high-efficiency CHP plants simultaneously generate electricity and heat in a resource-conserving fashion – with efficiencies in excess of 90 percent. Our biomass plants operate in an entirely climate-neutral manner. And our digital expertise enables us to install state-of-the-art, intelligent measuring and control technology for our customers. We connect the basement boiler room, apartment and garage for our customers in the real estate industry, thereby incorporating the different sectors into an integrated digital concept.

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