Anke Bortfeld

Sustainability cannot be communicated by figures alone. Just as important are the people involved and their commitment.

Sustainability has been anchored in our corporate DNA right from the start. However, sustainability reporting is something new for us – and just as exciting as our business itself. But how does one go about designing a first sustainability report which has the aim of communicating with and convincing many different stakeholder groups – ideally including our customers, employees and investors?

We felt that a report based solely on the GRI standard didn’t go far enough because we don’t just use facts and figures to communicate ustainability. Just as important are the people involved, their commitment and our very special GETEC energy, which is something felt by everyone who comes into contact with us.

For that reason, this report brings together the best of two worlds: on the one hand, standardized reporting in accor - dance with GRI and, on the other hand, stories and case studies from the company, interviews with stakeholders, and graphics to make our complex business more understandable. As we feel it’s hard to separate these two perspectives, we have coupled the GRI requirements with articles on corresponding topics. At the same time, we don’t want to dilute the facts so we have ensured a clear visual and textual separation of the two.

For example, in the area of emissions, we don’t just present CO2 reduction targets and results but also photo stories showing how these results have actually been achieved at our sites – technically, digitally and personally. The diversity section of the report doesn’t only show the proportion of women in our company but also describes our employees’ different perspectives because for us, diversity is about more than figures. The same applies to governance, which is about more than just organizational structure. How our company practices governance is demonstrated by the story of two compliance specialists in Germany and Italy who had to harmonize their working cultures and expertise under time pressure.

As stated at the start, this is our first sustainability report. However, it certainly won’t be our last. Our aim is to create a factual but exciting ESG report that is not an onerous obligation but a genuine tradition for our company.

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