GETEC Joins HyPipe Bavaria: Hydrogen Hub, Supporting the SoutH2 Corridor Initiative

Magdeburg, Germany – June 18, 2024

GETEC, a leading provider of smart, efficient and sustainable energy solutions for the industrial and real estate sectors in Europe, is proud to announce that it has joined as a partner to the HyPipe Bavaria: Hydrogen Hub (1) project and the SoutH2 Corridor (2) initiative. This underscores GETEC's commitment to advancing the transition to sustainable energy sources, such as renewable hydrogen, across Europe.

The SoutH2 Corridor project is a visionary 3,300 km dedicated hydrogen pipeline corridor connecting North Africa, Italy, Austria, and Germany. It aims to supply renewable hydrogen to key European demand clusters, ensuring a secure and diversified hydrogen backbone. This corridor, a critical component of the European Hydrogen Backbone (3), leverages a high proportion of repurposed pipelines for cost-effective transportation and taps into North Africa's renewable energy resources for competitive hydrogen production.

The SoutH2 Corridor initiative has gained endorsement from institutions as well as the strong support from companies across the entire value chain. On May 30, 2024, Germany, Austria and Italy signed a joint declaration of intent for the development of the corridor (4).

The SoutH2 Corridor network will connect North Africa, Italy, Austria and Germany by 2030, enabling the supply of renewable hydrogen produced in the South to key European clusters of demand. Remarkably, more than 70 percent of this network will be created from converted natural gas pipelines, showcasing a cost-effective and efficient transition to hydrogen infrastructure.

GETEC's extensive experience and expertise in hydrogen projects, including its partnerships in the Hydrogen Valley projects in the Netherlands and the Competence Center for Green Hydrogen in Switzerland, position it as a valuable contributor to the HyPipe Bavaria project. The group's industrial park in Emmen is already prepared for the conversion to hydrogen, with 20 percent hydrogen blend and equipment already tested for 100 percent hydrogen use.

With over twelve thousand energy generation plants across Italy, Austria, and Germany, GETEC is poised to make a significant impact along the SoutH2 Corridor and the broader energy transition in Europe. This partnership will further the goals of energy diversification, security of supply, and the promotion of renewable energy sources.

"We are thrilled to support and contribute to the transformative SoutH2 Corridor initiative”, said Rukmini Glanard, Chief Business Officer of GETEC Group. “At GETEC, our mission is to advance innovative technologies and support our customers on their path to net-zero emissions. By joining this project, we not only support the diversification of energy sources but also take a crucial step towards reducing dependence on fossil fuels and achieving a sustainable energy future.” 

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GETEC has joined as a partner to the HyPipe Bavaria: Hydrogen Hub project and the SoutH2 Corridor initiative.


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