GETEC accelerates energy transition by becoming a hydrogen user

Emmen / Magdeburg, March 23, 2023

GETEC PARK.EMMEN is taking the next step towards hydrogen application. Located in Emmen, the Netherlands, the multi-client site has already been adapted for the blending of about 20% hydrogen. Work is currently underway on a conversion for the use of 100% hydrogen. 

Bild vergrößern: GETEC employees at Eemshaven, one of the locations of the Hydrogen Valley pro-ject
GETEC employees at Eemshaven, one of the locations of the Hydrogen Valley pro-ject

GETEC Platform Netherlands helps industrial and real-estate companies become climate neutral from its headquarters at the multi-client site GETEC PARK.EMMEN in Emmen. Complementing the services of the multi-client site, GETEC Platform Neth-erlands offers a wide range of climate-friendly and smart energy solutions for the entire Benelux region.

At GETEC PARK.EMMEN, the course is now set for the complete elimination of CO2. To enable the green hydrogen to flow, the multi-client site was connected to the pipelines of the hydrogen network, which will begin operating in the coming years. Currently, engineers from GETEC and Hynetwork Services are working on the neces-sary infrastructure, such as a valve station and eventually a hydrogen delivery sta-tion.

“We at Getec see hydrogen as one of the key technologies for achieving long-term green goals in the industrial sector and for the success of the energy transition. Also, given current geopolitical developments, we are focused on hydrogen as a climate-neutral fuel in our technology roadmap at an early stage. Our engineers deliver top performance to drive this technology forward and support our custom-ers on their journey to Net-Zero. As part of the Hydrogen Valley, we want to move from the project phase to the implementation phase as an important part of the network. The prerequisites for this are now in place”, says Pierre-Alain Graf, CEO of GETEC Group.

GETEC has also applied to take on the role of “shipper” at Hynetwork Services. This is special because it enhances our role in the hydrogen chain, in addition to the commitment we have made with Hynetwork Services for the facilities needed to receive the hydrogen from the national hydrogen network. This dual role, both as a shipper and a connected party, represents a huge step forward in securing hydrogen transport and development in Emmen.

“Hydrogen will soon be powering European industry and we at GETEC are dedicated as a ´first-mover´ on H2 to advise, support and provide our clients with this amazing renewable energy”, says Martijn van der Zande, Platform CEO GETEC Netherlands.

About GETEC Group (G+E GETEC Holding GmbH)

GETEC is a leading partner for industry and the real estate sector for smart, efficient and green energy solutions in Europe. Our promise "We have the energy for more" is the guiding principle for over 2,200 employees who use excellent engineering know-how, outstanding regulatory competence, high speed of action and proven sustainability expertise to navigate our customers through an increasingly complex energy world while reducing their carbon footprint. With 11,800 plants generating more than 5.4 GW of thermal energy, GETEC is active in a total of nine countries from its four regional platforms in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy, generating sales of almost one billion euros in 2021.

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