GETEC donates a quarter of a million for Ukrainian orphans

Magdeburg/ Lviv, June 30th 2022

The GETEC Group donated 250,000 euros to the Ridni Foundation to support Ukrainian orphans. Under the campaign name GETEC helps, the money has been collected by GETEC employees from all locations in all countries. For every euro donated by an employee, the company added another euro, rounding up to a whole quarter of a million euros in the end. The money will benefit orphans from Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ridni Foundation has set itself the task of giving war orphans a new home and thus enabling them to make a fresh start. 

Bild vergrößern: GETEC supports Orphans of the Ridni-foster-families-program Ridni-Foundation
GETEC supports Orphans of the Ridni-foster-families-program

The Ridni Foundation provides assistance to orphans and children without parental care who are near the war line. For this purpose, Ridni collects humanitarian aid from all over the world and provides for the resettlement of Ukrainian orphans. To date, the Foundation has been able to house 26 children from central and eastern Ukraine in its premises in Lviv and already 150 children together with their caregivers abroad. Furthermore, it provides needy children with food, water, medicine and clothing.

Specifically, the amount raised will be invested in both the completion of the “Center for social support for children and families” and the “Spilnota Center” for 16 orphans, as well as used to further support the Foster-Families-Program.

"We are all overwhelmed by the great willingness of our colleagues to help and as a company we were very happy to add a large amount. With its contribution as a company GETEC wants to make a difference for generations to come. Because that is what this is all about. It is about the next generation, about children who have been orphaned by the war and who are being given a new start by Ridni. We are very proud to be able to support this great organization so massively and I would like to thank all employees who have set a clear signal of humanity here," says Group CEO Thomas Wagner.

"We are very grateful to GETEC, its management and the entire team for supporting orphans in Ukraine. With such support, we will be able to work every day to improve the future of orphans in Ukraine, and in times of war - beyond its borders. Only in synergy with people who have a huge open heart to other people's problems, we will be able to help war-affected children and breaking the vicious circle of orphanage as much as we can. Thanks to the generous donation from GETEC, about 70 orphans, children facing difficult life circumstances, are able to live in new, high-quality conditions and will be provided with everything they need for their healthy growth, their psychological well-being and becoming valuable members of society. We are grateful to each and everyone of you for your contribution to the welfare of next generations", says Mariana Romaniak, CEO of Ridni Foundation.

Find out more about the Ridni Foundation and the possibility to donate here:

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