Cerdia Avoids 26,000 Tons of CO2 Annually with Highly Efficient GETEC Biomass Heating Plant

Freiburg, June 19, 2023

Leading energy services provider GETEC and Cerdia, a global chemical company specialized in the production of cellulose acetate, have begun construction on a groundbreaking biomass heating plant at Cerdia’s production site in Freiburg, Germany. GETEC will build a state-of-the-art plant at the Cerdia site that will not only generate sustainable heat and energy, but also make a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The ceremony took place as part of a celebration with Cerdia employees and their families on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

Bild vergrößern: Photo of the groundbreaking ceremony Cerdia
Left to right: Dr. Thomas Stephanblome (CEO GETEC Platform Germany), Dieter Feldmann (Managing Director Cerdia Produktions GmbH), Christine Buchheit (Mayor for Environment, Youth, School and Education of the City of Freiburg), Jens Ebinghaus (CEO Cerdia), Pierre-Alain Graf (CEO GETEC Group)

The biomass heating plant that will be built by GETEC represents a significant step forward towards sustainability for Cerdia and the city of Freiburg. The plant will save an impressive 26,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, roughly equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of about 5,500 cars, the consumption of about 2,800 households per year or the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1.3 million trees. The biomass plant will operate exclusively on biofuels and a strict quality control process will be in place to ensure that this is the case. The biofuel consists of wood waste from untreated wood of the waste wood categories A I and A II, which reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and makes effective use of renewable resources. The use of untreated wood from agriculture and forestry would also be possible.

GETEC Group CEO Pierre-Alain Graf emphasized the importance of this project for the environment and highlighted the outstanding cooperation with Cerdia: “The groundbreaking ceremony for the highly-efficient biomass heating plant marks another milestone in GETEC’s mission to promote sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to be partnering with Cerdia as we make a positive contribution to the environment and to achieving the climate goals of the city of Freiburg.”

Cerdia CEO, Jens Ebinghaus also commented: “The BIOSTEAM project will reduce not only natural gas consumption but also CO2 emissions at Cerdia in Freiburg by 20%. BIOSTEAM will thus make a sustainable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases and also ensures the competitiveness of production at the Freiburg site in international competition. The BIOSTEAM project is a key component of the modular plan to modernize and decarbonize the site. Additional steps will follow in the near future.”

“We are extremely happy and incredibly proud that we have an opportunity to implement this project with a company with a reputation like Cerdia’s. Our GETEC approach is an acceleration program for a greater degree of sustainability, whereby the energy supply for our customers is shifted from a fossil fuel supply to a climate-neutral solution. This is undertaken in a manner that is not only sustainable, but also absolutely economical. “We take a completely technology-neutral approach and find the right solution for our customers,” explains Dr. Thomas Stephanblome, CEO of the GETEC Platform Germany.

“The BIOSTEAM project underscores the commitment of both companies to climate protection and the responsible use of natural resources. We look forward to commissioning the biomass plant in the fall of 2024,” adds Dieter Feldmann, Managing Director of Cerdia Produktions GmbH.

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