GETEC and Axpo join forces to provide energy supply to citizens and to essential services

16th February 2023 – GETEC Italy and Axpo Italy have signed a one-year agreement by the fourth power operator on the free market in Italy, for the supply of approximately 50 million cubic meters of gas, guaranteeing environmental comfort to the GETEC Group customers directly or through its subsidiaries Atmos, managing the district heating network of the City of Rozzano, and Energy Wave that supplies heat to over 35,000 private citizens.

The supply is part of the Energy Services dedicated to over 2,000 buildings across most of the Italian territory, from Piedmont to Lazio, passing through Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo.
Many of the concerned buildings include essential services for citizens, e.g. 30 hospital facilities, more than 250 non-hospital healthcare facilities such as outpatient clinics, veterinarians, counseling centers; as well as 700 schools and more than 70 university buildings and research centers of primary importance.

The supplies also include the Cogeneration Plants which power the district heating system of the City of Rozzano, 200 residential buildings including retirement homes for the elderly, university residences, the houses in L'Aquila built after the earthquake and over 550 public buildings including town halls, prefectures, police stations, and barracks.

“The doctors who work in the buildings served by GETEC, as well as the families who send their children to the schools that we are proud to call our customers, and the members of all the buildings in our portfolio, they all can count on the environmental comfort provided by a large Group such as GETEC. GETEC has shown analytical skills and immediate adaptation to a complicated context in terms of energy supply as the one we are currently experiencing. In Axpo, we have found the right partner to get through this volatile and uncertain period of time.” Filippo Ruatti adds, GETEC Italy’s Head of Energy Management & Performance Division.

Editor’s note

GETEC Platform Italy:

GETEC Italia S.p.A., with over 750 employees, 6,000 managed plants and 15 headquarters throughout the country, is part of the multinational group GETEC with HQ in Germany supported by a strong partner with a long-term vision: the Infrastructure Investments Fund (IIF), an investment fund managed by J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. The company is an ESCo specialized in providing cutting-edge solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability in Italy by developing energy solutions with economic and environmental benefits for its customers. GETEC Italy designs, builds and manages energy assets in the Public, Industrial, Private Healthcare and Private Real Estate sectors.

Axpo Italy was founded in 2000 during the transition to the free market and it is currently one of the major players present throughout the entire energy chain, fourth in Italy in the free electricity market. Axpo Italy brings to the table the international experience of the Axpo group within the national market, adding value to the whole Italian energy supply chain, confident about the fundamental role played by energy supply in determining the competitiveness of a company. Axpo Italy has its headquarters in Genoa, while its commercial and representative offices are in Milan and Rome.

Press Contact

GETEC Platform Italy - Cecilia Bergamasco, | M +39 347 9306784

Axpo Italy - Luca Guglielmi, | M +39 347 4398698

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