The Energy Suppliers

GETEC team members not only deliver a top performance for the company. Each of the platforms has initiatives to encourage employees to do more sport. For example, the employees of Platform Germany – with the support of the other platforms – took first place in two categories of Magdeburg’s Digital Company Relay Race. 262 runners completed more than 39,000 kilometers to achieve this.

However, GETEC not only supports top athletes. At the GETEC Group sport and summer festival in Magdeburg in 2022, all employees were able to participate in disciplines such as running, volleyball and soccer, at the same time forging new friendships.

By contrast, Platform Italy relies on individual motivation and provides employees with a fixed amount that can be used to pay for a gym membership or for other physical activities.

In Switzerland, GETEC has equipped two rooms for various sporting activities. One of the highlights is the spinning course led by employee Jörg Nülken and “Box Fit” training with Arnold Gjerjaj, who is the reigning WBF intercontinental heavyweight champion.

Henrik van der Ploeg, Managing Director of GETEC PARK.EMMEN and a passionate swimmer, supports sport in a very creative way. Two swimming pools close to the park are supplied with tank loads of hot but clean process water. This has enabled the private pool operators to keep entrance charges low, despite rising energy costs. And GETEC employees are able to go swimming in the neighborhood.

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