Interview with MAX Viessmann,
Co-CEO Viessmann Group


The Viessmann company bears your name. Does this mean you have a particular responsibility when it comes to ethical conduct?

Sustainability underpins everything we do. Our purpose is: “We create living spaces for generations to come.” Every day, all 12,700 members of the global Viessmann family bring this purpose to life, each one of them taking responsibility for their actions. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated impressively the extent to which responsible conduct is embedded in our company. We have experienced the incredible team spirit, pragmatism and entrepreneurship of our family members. At the same time, we have raised our social responsibility to a new level during the crisis, manufacturing disinfectants, masks, mobile respirators and air purification solutions and providing them to those who have been most severely affected by the pandemic.

You’re not only one of GETEC’s main suppliers but also have a collaboration agreement. What made you take this step?

GETEC and Viessmann are not only leaders in their respective fields – contracting and plant engineering – but also share the same mission of providing smart and sustainable energy solutions tailored exactly to users’ individual needs. In this way, we help our customers contribute to climate protection.

You have the reputation of being Viessmann’s Mr. Innovator. What do you think will change in the future when it comes to supplier selection, collaboration and supply chains?

If you want to shape the future, you need to chart your course early on. That’s what we at Viessmann have done – also regarding our collaboration with suppliers. Our entire value chain is based on the principle of sustainability and our partners apply the same principles. We all feel that we have an obligation to future generations and are unanimous in our belief that we need to collaborate if we are to preserve the quality of life on earth.

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