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Continental AG is one of the world's largest suppliers to the automotive industry. Around 235,000 employees work for Continental at 400 locations in 61 countries. The company has been listed in the most important German stock index, the DAX, since 2012.

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The Continental plant in Bebra has existed for 50 years and has been continuously expanded in recent years. Accordingly, the infrastructure of the media supply has grown over the years, and the task for GETEC was to implement energetic refurbishment measures during ongoing operation.


The aim of the concept development was the most efficient and cost-effective provision of heat, cold and electricity. At the same time, heat losses in the network should be minimized, and existing waste heat potentials should be tapped.


The hydraulic renovation of the heating network was a prerequisite for minimizing network losses and integrating waste heat from the compressed air systems, which, in the future, together with the CHP unit, will take over the basic heat load supply of the property. A new low-temperature boiler was installed for load peaks and to safeguard the heat supply. During the summer months, the waste heat from the CHP unit and the compressed air system feed the new absorber to provide and support the cold water supply. In the winter months, a newly installed free cooler takes over the cooling supply completely. The concept was implemented as part of an off-balance sheet efficiency measure for the customer and is therefore guaranteed to be cash-positive for Continental right from the start of operations.

Facts & Numbers

1,6 MW / 360 kWel
Plant with low-temperature boiler
250kW / 270 kW
Free cooler/absorber

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