Benefit from innovative metering technology

GETEC makes it easier for you to record the consumption values and guarantees an accurate heat cost billing in line with the consumption for you and your tenants. The values can be read off entirely remotely with the metering equipment we and our strong innovation partners use in order to achieve a high degree of automation.

Our services for you, ranging from energy service to tenant billing:

  • Everything from a single source
  • Use of cutting-edge system technology for the automated recording of the consumption values without stepping foot into the apartments
  • Highest degree of precision to determine the consumption values,
  • Registration of the consumption values throughout the year, with the possibility in the future of monthly billing instead of the annual consumption billing
  • Metering point operation of the metering data, such as power and gas as well as the sub-metering data, such as heating and water of the apartments
  • Monitoring of the consumption values

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