GETEC is your full-service provider for smart energy efficiency

Whether it is a residential or a commercial building – together with strong cooperation partners we are your full-service provider, offering sustainable solutions for a wide range of your complex challenges:

  • Supply with heat, power and gas
  • Implementation of battery storage concepts
  • Introduction of building automation and smart building technologies
  • Realisation of smart metering (incl. heat cost billing)
  • Data exchange of energy-related processes on an in-house infrastructure and rendering of telecommunications services (internet, telephone, TV and radio broadcasting)
  • Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

Synergies created by the
multi-use of infrastructures

In an increasingly interconnected world, we generate synergies for you between the different communication infrastructures. The use of smart infrastructures in the form of so-called “gateways” enables us to fulfil both classical requirements (such as e.g. AMR meter reads for measuring the heat consumption), as well as to integrate and control state-of-the art sensor and actuator technology for the automation of homes and buildings centrally via an IT platform.

This multi-use of infrastructures

  • achieves significant utilisation increases
  • enables the economically sustainable refinancing 
  • optimises processes and sequences, thereby generating cost benefits

We offer modularly expandable partial solutions or a synergistically optimised complete package – always geared toward your requirements (such as image, innovation, revenue increase, process optimisation).

We realise the collaboration either as a cooperative service provider or in the context of a joint venture.


Together we will find the energy solution that is right for you.

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The four pillars of Smart Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

When we supply your objects with heat, our service does not end with the generation in the basement boiler room.

In addition to the continuous perfection of the control of our systems over the years on the basis of exterior temperatures, standard load profiles and the volumetric flow rate, we are capable of aggregating the distinctive usage profiles of individual units (such as apartments, offices, classrooms) into a requirements profile for the building and consider them for the optimisation of the system control.

This enables us to boost the efficiency, up to energy efficiency class A+ (in accordance with DIN 15232) in the case of a single room control, and to generate important added values for your property with respect to its environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Digital Processes

Our goal is to simplify the information exchange with the tenants of your properties. This entails enabling the communication between tenants and landlords not only by way of known pathways (telephone, letter mail, e-mail).

The joint use of an IT platform generates options to accelerate your housing-related processes, e.g. to integrate breakdown messages directly into the relevant management processes in the software systems of the administrators, to retrieve meter values at any time, or to publish important announcements to select recipients in digital format, e.g. on electronic “black boards” rather than in paper form.

Electric vehicle charging stations

The number of electric vehicles is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The major German car makers have not only announced the push for new models, but they have also established joint ventures for the set-up of rapid charging stations along Europe’s main traffic arteries.

In the future, the availability of charging options for electric cars will become an important criterion for the selection of an apartment or an office location.

We provide you with comprehensive assistance, from the planning to the installation service, the operation and billing to load management and the realisation of complete neighbourhood concepts, taking into account the grid infrastructure, the feed-in and storage of electric energy.

Supply of utilities

Using cutting-edge fibre optic data lines, we and our cooperation partners provide your tenants with high-speed internet (with up to several hundred megabits per second), telephony, digital, high-resolution TV and digital broadcasting programmes.

In addition, we also realise the set-up and operation of business and/or commercial communication requirements for the data exchange of the Smart Energy Efficiency applications for you.

From the planning to the construction of broadband cable infrastructures, to the operation and necessary provision of value-added services and the required hardware, we fulfil all the requirements for the operation and the safety of public telecommunications networks. We are in the possession of all compulsory certifications, for example from the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

In so doing, we assure you that the data protection and the technical expertise for the data exchange associated with your property are safeguarded. This extensive know-how is unique in Germany in this form.

Everything from a single source from the market leader for energy services in Germany. Form your own impression of our expertise and be prepared for the future.

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