Thomas P. Wagner

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Thomas P. Wagner, CEO GETEC Group

Mr. Wagner, the title of your first sustainability report is "The Evolution of Impact". Why?

GETEC was established with the goal of using our energy solutions to achieve one impact: We want to help companies to produce and people to  live more sustainably. Ideally, sustainability should benefit both these groups. But achieving a true impact is not a one-off event. We can’t simply press a button to create a beautiful and cleaner world. Sustainability is an evolutionary process. Ultimately, the maximum impact will result from lots of small and big ideas and actions implemented over many years by many people. This is what we mean by “The Evolution of Impact.” We want to be a part of this evolution.

How far along are you in this evolution?

Although we’re already a leader in the market, we of course hope that we’re just at the start of a spectacular development and that our business harbors far more potential. In Germany, the word for sustainability – Nachhaltigkeit – was first used in forestry circles by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in 1713. Yet, when our company was established 280 years later, the concept of sustainability in the energy industry usually met with incomprehension. At that time, the main priority was reducing costs. Today, we’ve progressed much further. Sustainability is now often one of the most important criteria in any energy-related decision – sometimes even more important than the costs.

How are you going to continue the evolution?

As I already said, we still have many goals. We’ve formulated it this way: “Making a difference for generations to come.” In contrast to traditional companies, this is not a change of strategy for us. Sustainability has been part of our DNA from the start, but now, it underpins our strategy and everything we do more than ever. Sustainability also unites all our stakeholders, as different as they are – from our shareholders to our employees and groups that may perhaps view us with skepticism. In the future, we will be reporting regularly on how we are delivering on this commitment.


GETEC is committed to the sustainable development of the energy industry, especially in our customer segments of industry and real estate. We are taking responsibility in the energy transition, focusing on intelligent and sustainable energy solutions – GETEC green solutions – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industry and real estate segments. In this way, we aim to combat climate change, improve people’s lives and create a future that offers a high quality of life. We aim to advance and foster diversity, inclusion and integration. We are committed to acting responsibly and transparently, thus fulfilling the trust placed in us by our customers, our employees and society in general. This means that we consider both the short-term and long-term impacts on the environment and on society in the decisions we make every day, at the same time focusing on the needs of the present and future generations.

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