• The acquisition of GETEC, a leading energy services company for real estate and industry, by the Infrastructure Investments Fund (IIF) was completed on April 12th, 2022
  • IIF now holds 100% of the shares in the GETEC Group
  • GETEC operates more than 11,500 energy generation assets across nine European countries with more than 5.4 GWth cumulative installed capacity, saving more than 610,000 tons of CO2 annually
  • GETEC is a leading sustainable energy contracting solutions specialist of pan-European scale, with a well-founded Net-Zero-Roadmap to 2045

The acquisition of GETEC Group by the Infrastructure Investments Fund (IIF), an investment vehicle advised by J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc., was legally completed on April 12th, 2022. With the closing of the transaction, all contractual
conditions as well as the necessary antitrust reviews have been fulfilled. In November 2021, the previous investors EQT Infrastructure III (EQT) and GETEC Energie Holding GmbH (GEH) entered into a sale and purchase agreement with IIF for 100%
of the shares in GETEC.

GETEC provides sustainable, smart and efficient energy solutions to customers in the real estate and industrial sectors across Europe. The company has achieved tremendous growth and today operates more than 11,500 plant assets in nine European
countries with more than 5.4 GWth of cumulative installed capacity and over 2,200 employees. In addition to strong organic growth, GETEC has developed from a German to a pan-European market leader in recent years through a total of six large-scale mergers and acquisitions and has established independently operating regional platforms in Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands in addition to Germany.

GETEC has demonstrated its leadership in sustainability through a comprehensive and well-founded Net Zero roadmap to 2045. Already today, GETEC achieves a saving of more than 610,000 tons of CO2 per year for its customers. Matthew LeBlanc, Chief Investment Officer for IIF said: “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone with the completion of the acquisition of GETEC and to in herit a world class business from EQT and Dr. Karl Gerhold. GETEC has significant opportunities to expand as the market leader delivering innovative, secure, green energy solutions for its customers, stakeholders and communities. We look forward to
working with CEO Thomas Wagner and the management team to support GETEC's growth strategy to address the energy transition across Europe.”

Matthias Fackler, Partner within EQT Infrastructure’s Advisory Team, said: “GETEC has been at the centre of the European energy transition since the company was founded in 1993, and we are proud to have accelerated this critical mission over
the past five years. Today, GETEC is exceptionally well positioned to continue leading and benefiting from the global focus on decarbonization, thereby setting it up to achieve superior long-term growth. With IIF we have found a very good new owner
to support this.”

Dr. Karl Gerhold, founder of GETEC and managing shareholder of GEH, said: “I would like to thank EQT for the path we have taken together. GETEC is now even better positioned and the leading solution provider for industry and real estate, for a good climate policy future. I am pleased that with IIF, a new owner is now taking over who will continue this path and further develop the company and the site.”

Thomas Wagner, CEO of GETEC, added: “We are very happy to have gained a strong long-term oriented owner such as IIF, who is highly experienced in the energy sector and definitely shares the same passion for sustainable energy solutions as we do at GETEC. Through EQT and GEH, GETEC has taken a huge step towards becoming Europe's leading provider of decentralized energy services. IIF is the right partner to continue this progress and further GETEC's mission to support industrial and real estate customers across Europe on their path to decarbonization.”

About Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF)
IIF is a private investment vehicle focused on investing in critical infrastructure assets. IIF is responsible for investing and growing the retirement funds of more than 60 million families. It is advised by a dedicated infrastructure investment group within J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. IIF is a long-term owner of companies that provide essential services, such as renewable energy, water, natural gas and electric utilities, and transportation infrastructure, all of which are vital to the economic health and productivity of the communities in which it operates. Providing such essential services requires IIF’s companies to be well-governed, have a strong culture and be stewards of the environment in order to fulfill the terms of its social licence to

About GETEC Group (G+E GETEC Holding GmbH)
GETEC is a leading partner for industry and the real estate sector for smart, efficient and green energy solutions in Europe. Our promise "We have the energy for more" is the guiding principle for over 2,200 employees who use excellent engineering know-how, outstanding regulatory competence, high speed of action and proven sustainability expertise to navigate our customers through an increasingly complex energy world while reducing their carbon footprint. With 11,500 plants generating more than 5.4 GW of thermal energy, GETEC is active in  a total of nine countries from its four regional platforms in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands  and Italy, generating sales of almost one billion euros in 2021. You can find out more about the GETEC Group at: www.getec-energyservices.com

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