With an occupied area of 115 hectares, the multi-client site in Emmen is the largest industrial park in the north of the Netherlands. The total of 10 production plants in the biochemical, fiber and polymer industries employ approximately 2,100 people on site. With 27 hectares of expansion area, new settlements are also well catered for. With a PV-based power supply and the use of hydrogen, GETEC PARK.EMMEN is on the way to achieving climate neutrality for its customers. Empowering your business.

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Customized service and supply concepts: on-demand media, logistics, laboratory and engineering services, renewable energy supply to reduce the carbon footprint of site customers.

The Challenge

In a complex network of material flows and energy flows, a holistic service concept is operated as a site operator for all local companies. Furthermore, the multi-client site is expected to halve its CO2 emissions by 2030.

The Goal

As an infrastructure operator, all services for industrial parks are to be offered, and CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 50%.

Our Solution

GETEC PARK.EMMEN offers local companies optimal site conditions through a customized range of services. The supply of the production plants with the required media is guaranteed at all times by the redundancy of the production supply units (assets) and the infrastructure. A newly installed 8.2 MW PV roof system and the future admixture of hydrogen as an energy source will ensure significant CO2 reductions.

Facts and figures

115 hectares, fully developed,
140,000 m² of building space,
90,000 m² of storage space,
2,000 m² of laboratory space,
8,400 m² of office space
2 x 32 MWel combined cycle gas turbine power plant,
2 x 100 t/h of steam (up to 30 bar),
8 MW of refrigeration from absorption refrigeration and compression-type refrigeration machines,
180 m³/h of demineralised water,
120 m³/h of drinking water,
400 m³/h of process water,
81,000 m³/h of compressed air,
Sewage treatment plant for 120,000 PE,
Air separation installation for nitrogen (1,350 Nm³/h),
10 x 300 m³ silo parks

150 km medium voltage network,
11 transfer stations,
154 oil-free transformers,
autonomous electricity system,
4.5 km natural gas network (up to 20 bar)
The integral consideration as well as operation of the media supply achieves optimal energy efficiency. This enabled our customers to realise savings of 43% of CO2 per ton between 1990 and 2018.

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