7. East German Energy Forum

Wagner: “The energy transition should also be considered from the point of view of the heating market”

The East German Energy Forum took place for the seventh time in Leipzig. The lead topic was “How can we bring the energy transition on track?” and attracted 400 industry, research and policy representatives who discussed for two days the latest developments in the energy industry and the energy policy requirements. In a podium discussion on the topic of sector coupling, Group CEO Thomas Wagner demanded that a greater focus of the energy transition be placed again on the heating industry as well as on the decentralised energy generation and energy efficiency.

Thomas P. Wagner, Group CEO and CEO of Industrial Segment (centre)
Thomas P. Wagner, Group CEO and CEO of Industrial Segment (centre)
Thomas P. Wagner, Group CEO and CEO of Industrial Segment (centre)


“In the past, the energy transition was thought to be more of an electricity transition. In contrast, the heating market was often left out of the political discourse. Unjustly, because this market has a lot of low-hanging fruit still to be picked. Alternative sources that are capable of providing baseload power are still required in connection with volatile renewable energies. Modern, decentralised energy generation solutions and improved energy efficiency are the anchor points that contribute to the success of the energy transition. For this purpose, businesses also need planning security, which is currently in short supply due to the shift of the 100-days law and the Building Energy Act,” argues Thomas Wagner in the discussion forum.

Some high-calibre representatives of business, research and politics, including Dr Joachim Kolling (BMW Group), Peter Franke (BNetzA [Federal Network Agency]), Dr Alexander Vogel (e.dis), Prof. Dr Klaus Dieter Barbknecht (Freiberg University of Mining and Technology) and Dr Oliver Weinmann (Vattenfall Europe) attended the discussion panel.

You can follow the interview with Group CEO Thomas Wagner, which was recorded during the 7th East German Energy Forum in the following report aired by TV Berlin. The interview starts at minute 6:25.

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