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Energy concepts are changing. Because the responsibility for our environment and future generations demands changes and because new technologies open up new possibilities. But above all, because human beings are changing. GETEC is your partner when it comes to smart, state-of-the-art energy services. In so doing, we are committed to integrated ancillary cost optimisation. Operating costs can be managed optimally and – very important – ancillary costs can be reduced considerably – with myriad services pieced together into a customised and sustainable concept for each property. We implement these solutions both as a service provider and as a partner in joint companies. The goal is to generate additional profits with a sustainable and consistent realisation of all possible savings potentials. Our partners enjoy a considerable process cost advantage and are relieved of many responsibilities, enabling them to simply pay more attention to their core business.

Our references

UNESCO world heritage site housing estate "Weiße Stadt" in Berlin-Reinickendorf

The successful transition toward renewable energies is a collaborative effort. GETEC in cooperation with real estate companies has been developing successful energy efficiency initiatives since 2013. The foundation was laid with Deutsche Wohnen SE and the milestone project “Weiße Stadt [White City]” of the joint energy services company G+D Energiemanagement mbH. 

The customised GETEC energy solution

The goal is to generate additional profits with a sustainable and consistent realisation of all possible savings potentials.

The challenge

Supply of approx. 2,500 households with heat / combined heat and power station and district heating network with 31 substations

The goal

Reduction of the primary energy factor of the Weiße Stadt district heating territory from 1.3 to 0.89

Our solution

•  Set-up of 2 x 5.8 MW hot water boilers
•  Maximum energy efficiency by using economisers in the waste gas stream of the hot water boilers
•  Set-up of an ultra-modern CHP unit (1 MWel)
•  Feed-in into the public 10 kV grid

Facts and Figures

CO2 savings

Reduction of the emission by 3,800 t/a


Ultra-modern CHP unit (1 MWel) with a total thermal capacity of 12,550 KW



Our services rendered for Weiße Stadt

Energy service contracting

Customised complete solutions - planning, construction, financing, operation

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Strategic partnerships

Energy efficiency cooperations between strong partners

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Ancillary cost optimisation

Full service for industry and real estate

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G+D Gesellschaft für Energiemanagement mbH

The real estate group Deutsche Wohnen SE based in Berlin and the energy services provider GETEC have been in a strategic cooperation, the joint venture G+D Gesellschaft für Energiemanagement mbH, since 2013. The subject matter of the partnership is the energetic management of the properties of Deutsche Wohnen SE, which are scattered throughout Germany.

The customised GETEC energy solution

The challenge

GETEC and Deutsche Wohnen will plan and realise an appropriate, customised supply concept for every residential neighbourhood and/or supply structure. Apart from the technical requirements, the focus is also on efficiency measures to keep the rising energy costs in check. This will likewise benefit tenants of DW in the future. A total of approx. 111,000 residential units are currently supplied with heat.

Facts and Figures

CO2 savings

9,500 t per year


Heat and electricity

Number of supplied residential units

111,000 households

We consider this business model to be an attractive solution for the ecological and economical challenges as well as for the design of a sustainable energy concept for our real estate portfolio. This strategic partnership provides us with a high degree of co-determination on the one hand and with the flexibility to focus our resources on our core business on the other hand.

Michael Zahn

Chairperson of the executive board of Deutsche Wohnen SE

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CO2 reducing

An improved sustainability profile boosts the value of your business - and is also beneficial for the environment.

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Integrated efficiency

Complete systemic solutions - improved energy efficiency increases your competitiveness.

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Security of supply

Reliability par excellence. Thanks to remote monitoring of your plants, you benefit from maximum supply security.

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