Housing cooperatives

Embodied partnership as expression of solidarity. This is what GETEC offers to housing cooperatives.  When everyone contributes equally, life in a cooperative is excellent. We help meet the requirements of the members and hence the co-owners. With our tailor-made energy concepts, we permanently and reliably lower the ancillary costs and establish present-day supply solutions. The generated surplus can then be reinvested into the conservation and modernisation of the existing buildings, the new construction and expansion of the service offerings. With know-how and many years of regulatory experience, we master the challenges of the constantly changing energy world in cooperation with you, making your property fit for the future and at the same time affordable and secure – with GETEC, an entire lifetime.

Our references

Energie für Schleswig-Holstein 

The company Energie für Schleswig-Holstein GmbH was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Wankendorfer Baugenossenschaft für Schleswig-Holstein eG and GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ GmbH and is based in Magdeburg. Since then, ESH has already provided comprehensive energy-related services and upgrades where necessary for 450 heat generation plants. More than 8,000 apartments are supplied with heat in a sustainable and cutting-edge fashion.

The customised GETEC energy solution

Efficient design of heat generators, heat grids with the utilisation of various energy sources.

The challenge

These days, many things need to be considered when supplying a property with heat. They range from the space required for the generation or interconnecting systems, to the operating safety and fitness for the future to sustainability and obviously the supply costs. 

The goal

A key aspect is the upgrade and maintenance of heat generation plants with the goal of the energy-efficient generation and distribution of thermal energy against the backdrop of climate protection and security of supply. In so doing, ESH examines the technical feasibility of an efficient design of heat generators, heat grids and utilisation of energy sources, depending on the regional circumstances.

Our solution

The use of combined heat and power generation by means of decentralised CHP units plays an important role in this context. The application of this technology is rewarded with a favourable primary energy factor. This means: The construction costs for buildings heated by means of this method decrease because fewer structural measures are required to erect an appropriately energy-efficient building. For instance, fewer insulating materials are needed or other improvement measures can be omitted, such as the use of solar power.

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