Food industry

The product quality requirements in the food industry are extremely high for the well-being of its customers. Likewise, the requirements for its partner for everything related to the reliable energy supply are equally high. At the same time, the food industry is increasingly focusing on an affordable and CO2-efficient energy supply.

GETEC develops customised concepts for the need-based supply of electricity, process heat, refrigeration, compressed air or nitrogen with maximum security of supply. In so doing, we also turn to renewable energy sources and optimise your carbon footprint in the long term. For an environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable energy supply.

Our references

Cargill GmbH, Riesa

Cargill GmbH is a leading producer of vegetable oils made from rape and sunflower seeds. Aside from the manufacture of bottled edible oils, the Riesa location delivers refined vegetable oils to manufacturers of margarine and gourmet foods.

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The customised GETEC energy solution

The challenge

In the past, Cargill GmbH in Riesa generated the heat required for the production with a natural gas-fired conventional steam boiler system. The site’s demand for electricity is ensured solely through external procurement from the public grid. The purpose was to devise a new solution, which is at once sustainable and cost-efficient and guarantees greater independence.

The goal

In order to free itself from the political conditions on the energy market, the site in Riesa was on the lookout for a suitable technical solution for generating heat and power that would be cost-effective over the long term and meet the demand situation currently experienced and forecast over the medium term.

Our solution

GETEC set up a combined heat and power generation plant (CHP) on the basis of a multi-modular engine-based cogeneration system (EBCS) as well as a waste heat recovery boiler arranged downstream. The multi-modular design enables the flexible operation of the EBCS, which is adapted to the respective requirements structure. In addition, redundancy of the energy supply is ensured.

Facts and Figures

CO2 savings

CO2 emissions are reduced by 7,000 tons a year.


2x CHP modules with an electrical capacity of 2 MW each (10.5 kV) and a thermal capacity of 1.2 MW each (low-temperature)


Saturated steam,
low-temperature heat,

Our services rendered for Cargill Riesa

Energy service contracting

Customised complete solutions - planning, construction, financing, operation

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CHP units

Heat and electricity from our own CHP unit - decentralised and efficient

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Decentralised energy supply

The future is decentralised. For more efficiency, more independence and more flexibility.

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Your advantages

Energy cost savings

With GETEC at your side, you substantially reduce your energy costs - for a strong financial performance.

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CO2 reducing

An improved sustainability profile boosts the value of your business - and is also beneficial for the environment.

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Security of supply

Reliability par excellence. Thanks to remote monitoring of your plants, you benefit from maximum supply security.

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