GETEC Infra: Services for industrial parks

The comprehensive no-fuss package for the industrial location

GETEC is expanding its portfolio of services for industrial and chemical parks. With “GETEC Infra“, the energy service provider, which is active throughout Europe, is not only taking charge of the energy supply, but also of associated services such as network infrastructure, logistics, fire service, security protection, hazardous substances and many more. For the industrial site, this means a complete array of services and everything from a single source. The company has many years of experience with the supply of chemical enterprises. GETEC is a reliable supplier of heat, steam and electricity to several global players of the industry.

Industrial parks in transformation

Nowadays, large chemical enterprises mainly focus on their core business. Sub- and/or secondary productions are divested and/or sold to private investors. As a result, a chemical site managed by a single owner is turned into an industrial park that consists of many companies with very different demands on the infrastructure operator. As a consequence, the resident companies are often forced to create their own supply concepts and infrastructure-related procedures.

GETEC Infra’s range of services is looking at the location corporate-wide and in its entirety. In so doing, synergistic effects are generated between the companies, efficiency measures realised and savings potentials increased.

GETEC Infra: Everything from a single source

The services of GETEC Infra's complete package include among other things:

  • Cost reduction through optimisation and consolidation
  • Take-over of industrial parks by GETEC Infra in the form of asset or share deals
  • The participation of the resident companies is possible
  • Contact and problem solver for all companies present in the industrial park for questions related to infrastructure
  • Know-how of the GETEC GROUP
  • Utilisation of synergistic effects between the resident companies
  • Consolidation of responsibilities to a small number of contacts
  • Financing


The energy supply is one of the most important site-related factors in the industrial park. GETEC possesses specific know-how and many years of experience in the energy services industry. To optimise the energy supply and increase energy efficiency potentials, it is often wise to take over the energy generation facilities that are in place or to be established for the site and to optimise them. In addition, the supply of primary energies such as natural gas and electricity is offered with the structured purchase via balancing groups of GETEC. Another focus is the generation of efficiency procedures for the industrial site, aimed at improving the company's economic and energy-related situation. The customer’s production process is reviewed for energy savings potentials and they are analysed, consolidated and improved. To this end, GETEC is contributing its experience with the recuperation of heat, particularly heat transformation. For instance, a customised, comprehensive energy concept can be developed for the companies present in the industrial park, which is at once economical and environmentally friendly.

Expertise for industrial parks

At the start of 2016, GETEC has assumed the infrastructure services for the  EMMTEC Industry & Businesspark in Emmen (the Netherlands). At 115 hectares, the industrial estate is the second largest of its kind in the Netherlands, as well as being one of the biggest employers of the region, employing a total of over 1,300 people in various companies. The industrial estate has a special focus on (bio) polymers, a field in which it takes the top position in Europe.

GETEC had already taken over the industrial park Friedrichsort in Kiel in 2001. As part of customised energy service contracting solutions for the customers at the industrial park, GETEC has assumed the responsibility for all functional and cost risks associated with the supply of energy and utilities as well as system and facility management. With around 1,200 employees and an area of about 65 hectares, the industrial park is a major industrial centre and an important employer in the Kiel region.

In the chemical and industrial park Zeitz,  GETEC supplies several local businesses with heat, steam and electricity generated in cogeneration plants it has set up. For this purpose, GETEC has planned, set-up, financed and is operating the energy generation plants on the basis of energy service contracting. For the chemical company Radici, GETEC has additionally developed a customised solution for the thermal utilisation of the climate-damaging nitrous oxide that accumulates in the production.


Generating growth, protecting resources


Achieving growth by way of increased consumption of energy and raw materials is not a viable option in view of the climate change and the finite nature of resources. As an innovative service provider, GETEC helps clients generate growth through efficiency in all areas and with the protection of resources. Energy supply and production systems are considered in their entirety in order to develop technological solutions that match the location and to exploit efficiency potentials and hitherto untapped resources. The market leader has already set up more than 1,500 energy supply systems on the basis of energy service contracting. Industrial operations and complex properties are supplied with heat, steam, refrigeration and electricity in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The service portfolio ranges from the planning to the operation, the fuel management to the maintenance.

With GETEC Infra, the company is further broadening its efficiency strategy, taking aim for example also at the water supply and the waste water treatment for complete industrial and chemical parks, in addition to the energy supply. The location is considered in its entirety, the tasks are combined, GETEC is the contact and problem solver for everything related to infrastructure. This helps reduce costs and generate synergies for the local businesses.

In the Dutch town of Emmen, GETEC has acquired the Emmtec Industry & Business Park, which is dominated by the chemical industry, from the Dutch energy supplier NUON. The GETEC subsidiary GETEC Infra NL B.V. was established for this purpose. In the spirit of continuity and renewal, it carries on the energy supply and infrastructure services rendered by the previous operator Emmtec Service B.V., using in its role as employer the experience of the almost 200 former Emmtec workers. Technological know-how of GETEC and the outside perspective are combined with the expertise of the workforce on site to create prolific ideas. 

With a size of 115 hectares, the industrial park in Emmen is the second largest of its kind in the Netherlands and is one of the largest employers in the region with 1300 employees in the various businesses. The location occupies a leading position in Europe when it comes to the synthesis of (bio)polymers. The centre piece of the energy supply plants is a high-efficiency combined cycle gas turbine power plant (CCGT) with an electrical output of 60 MW and a steam generation of 200 tons per hour.

Apart from the supply of power, gas and heat, the complete package includes among other things also the water supply and waste water treatment, the network infrastructure for supply media and the administration and billing of all infrastructure services in the chemical park. Other performances such as security services, facility management, transportation logistics and distribution are also rendered. Thus, GETEC goes far beyond its core business, offering all infrastructure services from a single source. Businesses can benefit from the expertise of GETEC as market leader in the development of customised solutions for the thermal exploitation of lean, special and greenhouse gases or for the utilisation of waste heat.

For instance, GETEC has developed an energy service contracting model for the complete supply of the speciality chemicals manufacturer Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH factory in Speyer with thermal oil and steam, rendering the co-combustion of the hitherto unused high-caloric and explosive vent gas technologically feasible.  A lean gas is generated during the production at the Allessa Chemie GmbH in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, which also had to be used as a fuel. GETEC developed a high-efficiency combined heat and power plant on multi-fuel basis, which utilises the waste gas.

Innovative technology now also makes it possible to utilise the waste heat generated in industrial processes in a meaningful way. The physical principle of the heat transformer has been known since the 1950s. GETEC has further developed the method and made it ready for the market. The goal was to bring waste heat from a lower to a higher temperature level, such as it is necessary for example for cooking, evaporation or drying processes. GETEC has set up a pilot plant in Staßfurt, in which 50 percent of the waste heat is transformed from 90 to 120 degrees Celsius without additional energy expenditure. This is made possible by a smart connection of absorption and desorption processes, while the heat of condensation is used to provide steam. Up to 30 TWh or 15 million tons of carbon dioxide a year can be saved with similarly-sized systems as the one in Staßfurt equipped with this technology.

Using these technological possibilities to facilitate an economical and at the same time secure supply with renewable energies and storage technologies is the goal of the infrastructure development of the chemical park.

The take-over of the industrial park in Emmen was a crucial step toward further internationalisation. GETEC is the market leader in energy service contracting, in the assumption of energy service and supply performances and is active throughout Germany, in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, the BENELUX countries, Poland and the Czech Republic. GETEC is planning to acquire other chemical parks in Europe in the near future.

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