GETEC reorganizes itself in the Austrian energy market

The German energy service provider GETEC intends to drive further growths in the Austrian energy service market. At the beginning of the year, GETEC acquired all shares in the previously jointly held VERBUND GETEC GmbH from the Austrian VERBUND AG. In addition, a merger with another Austrian GETEC company is planned. The newly renamed company ENERSERV GETEC GmbH will expand its energy services business in Austria.

Austrian plant
Austrian plant
Austrian plant

Following the acquisition of shares of VERBUND, the resources and investment portfolios of ENERSERV GETEC GmbH and GEM Gesellschaft für Energiemanagement GmbH are to be bundled in one company in the upcoming weeks. The GETEC companies currently operate several heating plants and cogeneration plants throughout Austria for the supply of heating and cooling to real estate, municipalities and commercial properties. By far the largest part of these plants generate climate-neutral heat from biomass.

"The reorganization is an important and consistent step in our growth and internationalization strategy along the megatrends of decentralization and decarbonization. As in Germany, we see a great need for decentralized, green and efficient energy solutions in Austria and an enormous potential in the contracting market. With the realignment and the acquisition of shares, we have now laid the foundations for entering the market with greater agility and flexibility and thus winning new clients", explains Thomas Wagner, CEO of the GETEC Group.

GETEC is the leading partner for industry and real estate regarding smart, efficient and green energy solutions - in Germany and beyond. Our promise "We have the energy for more" is the guiding principle for more than 1,400 employees. While consistently reducing their carbon footprint we guide our customers through an increasingly complex energy world with excellent engineering skills, outstanding regulatory competence, swiftness of action and proven sustainability expertise.
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