GETEC expands to Italy

Antas integrated into GETEC Group

The GETEC Group has expanded its business activities along its international growth strategy to Italy. In this context, the Italian Antas S.p.A., a leading energy services company, will be integrated into the GETEC Group as of 1 June 2021. The shares of Antas S.p.A. and all associated companies such as Energywave will be transferred to G+E GETEC Holding GmbH. The majority shareholders of Antas S.p.A. are EQT Infrastructure and GETEC Energie Holding GmbH, which are also shareholders of G+E GETEC Holding. 

Headquarters of Antas S.p.A. in Piacenza (Source: Antas)
Headquarters of Antas S.p.A. in Piacenza (Source: Antas)
Headquarters of Antas S.p.A. in Piacenza (Source: Antas)

Antas S.p.A. is a leading provider of integrated energy solutions in Italy. The company designs, builds, owns and operates energy assets in the public and private real estate as well as in the industrial sector. Antas' spectrum covers the entire range of efficient and sustainable energy solutions in contracting, reducing both costs and CO2 emissions of its customers through mainly investing in assets with a high level of digitization. The company operates over 4,000 energy assets in northern and central Italy and generates sales of around 200 million euros with around 600 employees.

"This is a great and successful step for both companies. Antas, with its associated companies, is an incredibly strong player in Italy. GETEC and Antas are united by the common goal of offering their customers contracting solutions that are both sustainable and economical, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and costs. Combining the business through the contribution of the shares makes it possible to further intensify and bundle the competencies of both companies for their customers. This includes, for example, the special expertise of Antas in the field of plant digitization", explains Thomas Wagner, CEO of GETEC Group.

"We are very pleased to be part of the GETEC Group now. Both companies have almost identical business approaches, share the same vision and are an excellent fit. In addition to its specific abilities in digitization, Antas is particularly distinguished by its deep procedural knowledge of complex public tendering processes in Italy, as well as unprecedented implementation accuracy of the planned cost and CO2 reduction", says Giovanni Pontrelli, CEO of Antas S.p.A.

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