Electric storage heating replaces night storage heaters


Dawonia, one of the largest housing companies in southern Germany with 30,000 residential units, is targetting the goal of further significantly reducing the CO2 footprint in its portfolio over the next few years. In the course of this, Dawonia intends to convert the part of its housing stock that is currently equipped with night storage heaters to climate-neutral energy supply this year using GETEC Green eHeating. This will involve the use of modern electric storage heaters that consume less electricity and can be charged with green-generated energy. GETEC and Dawonia have recently signed a joint venture agreement.

Modern and controllable heat storage system GETEC Green eHeating
Modern and controllable heat storage system GETEC Green eHeating
Modern and controllable heat storage system GETEC Green eHeating

With the new system, significant CO2 savings can be realized in existing properties, thus making an enormous contribution to climate change. Around 350 Dawonia residential units in the cities of Munich, Dingolfing, Landshut and the Regensburg region are to be converted to the new system as early as this year. The conversion will begin in May and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. With a saving of up to 5 tons of CO2 per year for each apartment, up to 1,500 tons of CO2 per year can be avoided. This will be achieved through intelligent automatic load control of the significantly more efficient heaters and CO2-neutral supply based on an ecological electricity product. The replacement of the storage heaters is cost-neutral for both owners and tenants. In addition, tenants can look forward to a noticeable increase in heating comfort.

"For our cities to remain livable in the long term, we must focus on sustainability: Building with natural materials, supplying green electricity, providing enough parking spaces for e-cars and attractive green spaces make our urban centers a better place to live for young and old alike," says Dr. Claus Lehner, CEO of Dawonia. "Anyone who wants to continue to operate successfully in the market in the future must act responsibly today - towards society and the environment, customers and employees. The joint Green eHeating project is an important step here," Lehner continues.

"We are very pleased to have won Dawonia as a renowned and future-oriented partner for the Green eHeating project. Only by growing together the real estate industry and the energy industry, the cross-sectoral success in the reduction of CO2 succeeds. With GETEC Green eHeating, we eliminate the disadvantages of old night storage heaters and create a housing industry solution that is not only low risk, but also increases the value of the property - without additional costs. This is climate protection and sector coupling at its best," explains Michael Lowak, Segment CEO Real Estate Management of the GETEC Group.

To this end, GETEC offers a contracting product for heat as a service. Old storage heaters are replaced by new, digitally connected and controllable storage heating systems. The offer comes without additional installation costs for the owner and includes all necessary services such as hardware dismantling and installation as well as operational management, maintenance and billing. The storage heaters involved are networked via an energy IoT platform. In this way, energy flows can be optimized, the operation of the systems can be monitored and, in the future, the load and storage flexibility of the systems can be used in the virtual power plant. Currently, more than five million storage heaters supply over 1.4 million households with heat in Germany alone. The average age of these storage heaters is well over 20 years, resulting in low efficiency, continuously rising energy costs and little comfort for tenants.

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