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It has been clear since November of last year: GETEC will become both investor and operator of the first industrial park in Germany to be supplied 100 percent from renewable energy sources. Today, the official ground-breaking ceremony was held, thus laying the foundation stone for the Clean Energy Park.

Offizieller Spatenstich im BLURADO Businesspark
Offizieller Spatenstich im BLURADO Businesspark
Offizieller Spatenstich im BLURADO Businesspark

Radolfzell/Magdeburg. Due to the pandemic, the official ground-breaking could not take place until July 9, 2021. However, the development of the climate-neutral BLURADO business park already started in May. Construction for interested companies can begin in 2022. In a Europe-wide call for tenders, in which three energy suppliers submitted a final bid, GETEC came out on top with the best and most innovative concept. The municipal council of the large district town on Lake Constance confirmed this pioneering cooperation between the town of Radolfzell and GETEC by its decision on November 3, 2020.

"The project illustrates Radolfzell's forward-looking and sustainable orientation as a business location and environmental city," emphasizes Mayor Martin Staab.

"Almost six years ago, we set the course for this unique business park. In 2017, the business park was anchored as one of the 14 key projects in the Urban Development Plan 2030 (''step''), which was jointly developed by citizens, the municipal council and the administration. Now we can start with the sustainable neighbourhood development and, above all, create forward-looking jobs," says economic development manager Sarah Stadelhofer-Komar, who is delighted about the development.

"Modern quarters and business parks are smart, green and efficient. GETEC's mission is to support our customers on their way to climate-neutral production. The new Clean Energy Park "Blurado" is an absolute showcase project with landmark character in two respects at once. As a pioneer for a unique partnership and cooperation between the municipality, public companies and the private sector, and as Germany's first emissions-neutral business park. This is how energy transition works," says Michael Lowak, Segment CEO Real Estate of the GETEC Group.

State-of-the-art energy technology
The complete avoidance of fossil fuels is made possible by a cold local heating network, a so-called agrothermic system, as well as electricity generation by means of photovoltaic surfaces, which, in addition to supplying the heat pumps, also cover parts of the electricity consumption in the companies. In this way, the companies can rely on a CO2-neutral supply of heat and electricity.

In the case of energy generation through agrothermics, geothermal collectors are laid about two meters below the earth's surface in surrounding farmland and meadows. These collectors use the temperature conditions of the soil and supply the commercial enterprises with heat in winter and, via so-called temperature recirculation, also with cold for air conditioning the buildings in summer. The photovoltaic system supplements the energy production in the industrial park. This autonomous energy supply makes the business park an innovative and unique project in Germany: a so-called Clean Energy Park.

The climate-neutral business park has already received an award as a best-practice example in climate protection. Together with the International University of Lake Constance, the Radolfzell municipality participated in the research project "Industrial Parks 4.0" and received the forward-looking award.

When placing the commercial area and the agrothermics areas, care was taken to maintain an appropriate distance from the surrounding biotope areas. The laying of the agrothermic collectors represents a minimal intervention in the soil structure. Recurring measurements of various parameters are used to monitor possible changes in the soil.

Great interest in properties
On the new commercial sites, companies can rely on a climate-neutral supply of heat and electricity. And this is associated not only with ecological but also with economic benefits for the companies.

"We know that new companies will settle in such an environmentally conscious business park. Above all, companies with a sustainable business model can use the Clean Energy Park as a unique selling point and for their marketing strategy. The fact that the concept is working is shown by the inquiries from companies that want to locate there," says Mayor Martin Staab with conviction.

Numerous companies have expressed interest in the properties. Two option contracts for plots of land have already been approved by the municipal council. Three more are currently being negotiated. For the further development of the city, additional commercial sites are needed to ensure the future viability of Radolfzell as a medium-sized center and to maintain the appropriate balance between working, living and residential space in the city. The special challenge for the location of Radolfzell: 82 percent of the areas in the city area are under protection, i.e. they are nature conservation, landscape protection, bird protection, green areas or fauna-flora-habitat directive areas. The development of the "Kurzer Sod" and "Fohrenbühl" commercial areas planned for the medium term is intended to meet demand.

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