GETEC PARK.EMMEN aims to cut CO2 

Largest roof-integrated photovoltaic system of the Northern Netherlands

GETEC PARK.EMMEN, shining in a rich green since the beginning of the year, will continue the development of a climate-neutral energy supply and services for its customers and apply not only visually its GO GREEN strategy. With the help of one of the largest roof-integrated photovoltaic systems in the Netherlands, the industry park will produce green electricity with a capacity of 8.2 MW, thus enabling the companies on site to take a further step towards a low carbon production.  A contract for this massive investment was recently signed


21,000 solar panels in total will be installed on the roofs of GETEC PARK.EMMEN in the coming weeks. Companies on the park, which are mainly active in (bio)polymer and plastics industries, will be supplied with green energy. The green electricity produced will be the equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,700 households. The installation as well as monitoring of the solar panels will be completed by Groenleven B.V. and is con-tractually secured for the next 15 years.

For GETEC Group CEO Thomas Wagner, the project is not only an important step in the direction of Net Zero Production, but also reflects a clearly defined mission: „We keep our promises. The industry demands solutions for low carbon production that are efficient, reliable and cost competitive at the same time and enables substantial CO2 reductions. GETEC has made a clear and coherent commitment towards the Go Green Strategy in its ESG vision. We would like to contribute our high level of competence in the areas of Renewables and energy efficiency to reduce the Carbon footprint of our customers. The installation of the photovoltaic system is a great start in this direction.“

„The installation of the photovoltaic system continues the strategy of the GETEC PARK.EMMEN to reduce the share of fossil fuels by 50 percent over the next ten years. Just three months after a new positioning of the former emmtec Industry and Business Park, we were able to set a first major milestone on the path towards our Zero-CO2-Strategy. Our long-term goal is to make GETEC PARK.EMMEN climate-neutral and thus to create a lighthouse for the energy revolution in Europe," explains Hendrik van der Ploeg, Man-aging Director of GETEC PARK.EMMEN.

In parallel, GETEC PARK.EMMEN is studying a project participation in the construction of hydrogen electrolyzers that will make possible a gradually increasing addition of green hydrogen in the energy production of the industrial park in the future. The photovoltaic system is due for completion at the end of the second quarter of 2021.

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