We have the energy for a future worth living for

The energy transition is a project of the century. It is about conserving the livelihood of future generations. We are committed to achieving this, by making a lasting contribution to the protection of our planet with smart, resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly energy solutions.

As a leading provider of energy contracting services and energy efficiency measures, we supply our customers with precisely the kind of energy they need – for more innovation, more growth, and greater success. For everything we do, our focus is on the conservation of resources. Our solutions are always conceived with the results in mind and with an integrated approach. Our regulatory know-how and technical expertise enable us to be leaders in decarbonisation and to improve the sustainability performance of our industrial and real estate customers while at the same time helping them save costs.

Our energy – your advantages

GETEC harmonises ecology and economy. Our energy solutions not only protect the environment, but also your balance sheets and liquidity. As outsourcing partner for all things related to energy, we help you increase the security of supply of your system or property and focus all of your resources on what is most important to you: your core business.


Energy cost savings

With GETEC at your side, you substantially reduce your energy costs - for a strong financial performance.

CO2 reducing

An improved sustainability profile boosts the value of your business - and is also beneficial for the environment.

Integrated efficiency

Complete systemic solutions - improved energy efficiency increases your competitiveness.

Financing & balance sheet relief

More liquidity: Protect your equity capital and use resources specifically for your core business.

Security of supply

Reliability par excellence. Thanks to remote monitoring of your plants, you benefit from maximum supply security.

Energy partnership

We not only understand our business, we understand yours as well. Your success is our motivation.

GETEC - Energy for more.

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GETEC is a trouble-shooter, a self-starter, a pioneer

As a partner for industrial and real estate customers, GETEC provides efficient, safe and sustainable media and energy solutions from a single source. Our unique technological and regulatory expertise amassed from the construction and operation of over 7,000 plants enables us to minimise your commercial risks and assume operational responsibility. In so doing, we protect your resources and your liquidity, relieve your balance sheets, and enable you to focus on your core business.

Our tailor-made solutions ensure long-term security, full cost transparency and a flexible adaptation to possible changes in the market environment.

Today we reliably supply 650,000 people with heating, cooling and power. And our service network throughout Germany delivers the greatest possible security of supply: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because for us, energy is not a product, but a service.


Our plus for your success

Best-in-class process expertise

We understand our business, and yours too. Whether production processes or commercial relations. We not only build energy supply systems, we also develop integrated solutions that optimise much more than just energy costs.

Our plus for your success

Regulatory know-how

Using our knowledge of laws and regulations, we create optimal supply concepts for our customers. This results in savings that far exceed the efficiency targets of our customers. Some models even earn our customers money.

Our plus for your success

Security and cost control through contract flexibility

Simple and reliable supply! Cost transparency, flexible contract design and adjustment options even during the term reduce the usual risks associated with long-term commitments.

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Our assets are the key to your success.

Why energy service contracting?

Energy for more

Energy service contracting enables you as the customer to delegate selected energy supply tasks associated with your systems or objects to GETEC - so that you don't have to waste any energy on energy. The result is not only beneficial to you, but to the environment as well: Using proven regulatory expertise and state-of-the art, resource-efficient technologies, we achieve a sizeable reduction in your ecological footprint.

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Decentralisation, decarbonisation, digitalisation – these megatrends go hand in hand with the energy transition and are key to its success. GETEC ensures that these future endeavours become reality. Our integrated and innovative solutions make the energy transition possible.

Thomas P. Wagner


What moves us


Die URBANA Energiedienste GmbH ist mit Wirkung zum 17. April 2020 zur GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ GmbH Nord umfirmiert worden.

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The energy transition should also be considered from the point of view of the heating market

GETEC-CEO Thomas P. Wagner demands a rethink at the energy transition.

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Marcus Bohndick

Not scared of challenges

Marcus Bohndick reports on his career at GETEC.

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