Combined heat and power generation from GETEC: This is an ultra-efficient supply of heat and additionally an innovative on-site electricity offering. We use this electricity for the tenant’s decentralised electricity supply. The advantages: The electricity price decreases for tenants, while smart metering solutions optimise processes and reduce expenditures for the housing industry. Tenants and housing companies participate in the decentralised energy generation. Our tenant’s decentralised electricity supply perfectly supplements our cutting-edge CHP solutions in this fashion.


Your advantages at a glance

  1. Marketing the tenant’s decentralised electricity supply without the assumption of own risks
  2. Electricity prices are at least 10% below the rate of the local utilities
  3. Upgrade of the infrastructure for convenience, transparency and efficiency
  4. Billing know-how, ideally combined with the heat cost billing as set forth in the HKVO [Heating Costs Ordinance] or the AVB FernwärmeV [Directive on the General Conditions for the Supply of District Heating]



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