The customers of Bioenergie Wächtersbach GmbH, a joint venture of GETEC, the city of Wächtersbach and company founder Jörg Lotz, can now be supplied with district heating from completely renewable energy. The go-ahead for this was given at the inauguration of the plant, which has been extended by an additional biomass boiler. The Mayor of Wächtersbach, Andreas Weiher, GETEC CEO Thomas Wagner and Managing Director Jörg Lotz jointly fired the plant with fuel at the inauguration ceremony in front of around 50 representatives from politics, business, local companies and cooperation partners.


"Much is currently being said about the real laboratories of the energy revolution. GETEC, Bioenergie Wächtersbach GmbH and the city of Wächtersbach have long since left the laboratory and created an absolute beacon project for sustainable municipal energy system transformation. With this plant we are at the same time pioneers for a unique partnership and cooperation between the municipality, the public enterprise and the private sector", explains GETEC CEO Thomas Wagner.

"When we put our vision of a climate-neutral energy supply for Wächtersbach into practice 10 years ago, we were already planning for the future. The system was designed to be expandable from the outset and the lines were dimensioned sufficiently to supply all the buildings in Wächtersbach. I am delighted that this expansion is now becoming a reality", explains BioEW Managing Director Jörg Lotz.

The expansion of the biomass cogeneration plant enables a significant increase in the connected load of 6 MW. The construction of the second biomass boiler will be followed by the extension of the district heating network by 1.7 kilometres, which will enable the supply of an additional 400 households. With the construction of the second biomass boiler, a new unit was added to the existing power plant, which will completely cover the increased demand in the future. In this way, the power plant can now supply the customers of Bioenergie Wächtersbach with 100 percent energy from renewable biomass. The two biomass boilers are fired with wood chips, which are produced, for example, during tree care. This makes energy production climate-neutral, as the combustion of wood avoids the release of fossil-bound CO2.

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